Are you interested in what life was like in Maine in 1650 A.D., or 10,000 years ago? Perhaps you have always been interested in antiquities, or perhaps you have just read news reports of archaeological work in the state and wish to find out more. There is a great deal of work being done in this state on prehistoric Native American campsites, on colonial villages, forts, and even shipwrecks. To learn more about this interesting work and the collections of artifacts it produces, you should consider joining THE MAINE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY.

The benefits of membership include:

  1. A subscription to the bi-annual Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin, which contains research reports, descriptions of collections, and featured articles;
  2. advanced notification of the bi-annual meetings at which formal lectures are delivered on recent finds, archaeological collections are displayed, and informal discussions are held concerning a wide range of topics;
  3. discounts on some MAS publications relating to archaeology; and,
  4. opportunities to volunteer on archaeological projects.

Download a Membership Form — the past is waiting!

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