Volunteering in the Lab and on the Site

Several archaeological digs occur in Maine each year and archaeologists are looking for volunteers throughout the summer to help excavate history. There is something for everyone when participating in an archaeological dig (ranging from pre-contact to contact period) whether that’s sifting, digging, screening, surveying, documenting and/or labeling, as well as cataloging. 

Each site is unique in its own sense and provides contexts for a broader cultural perspective. Excavations offer individuals the opportunity to learn in-depth description of location, context, cultural significance, and the research goals of each project. Want to learn about how to get involved? 

Please see below for opportunities and contact information for excavations near you.

Maine Historic Preservation Commission
Northeast Archaeology Research Center, Inc.
State Conservation and Rescue Archaeology Program (SCRAP)

There are also opportunities to volunteer in laboratory cataloging, cleaning, analysis, etc. for your local historical society, please see the following link.

If you know of others, please us the contact form located in the Contact webpage to let us know in order to share more valuable resources.
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