The MAS Bulletin – Information for Authors

The MAS Bulletin is published twice a year and has been published since 1964.  The general topical focus of the journal is on prehistoric and historic archaeology, ethnohistory, and skeletal biology that incorporates Maine within its content.  We welcome papers written by those with either an avocational or a professional interest in archaeology and the editors will assist authors in formatting both text and graphics if needed.  Both long articles and short reports will be considered for publication and book/exhibit/film reviews will be welcomed when appropriate, as defined below.

1.  MAS Bulletin structure:

Long articles – similar to those that have been published in the past, and may include such things as results of site excavations, studies of collections, special analyses, etc.  A submitted manuscript should be between 15-20 pages double-spaced of text with up to 8 illustrations and/or tables.  Longer manuscripts will be considered, but we have some space limitations.

Short reports – the shorter format of a report has been added to the Bulletin to provide a venue to publish preliminary summaries of excavations, key new discoveries, short methodological discussions, radiocarbon dating of key artifact types or sites, etc.  The format should be 2-10 pages double-spaced of text and up to 4 illustrations and/or tables.

Book, film, or museum exhibit reviews – Reviews may not be in every issue but the Bulletin would like to offer a place to review, in a collegial fashion, new books, films or exhibits that focus directly on northern New England archaeology.  A review should be about 1-5 pages of text.  Please contact the editor before preparing a review to insure that it has not already been assigned.

2.  Information for authors:

        The format for manuscript submission should follow the style guide used for the journal American Antiquity.  A full style guide is available (can be downloaded as a pdf file) through the Society for American Archaeology webpage at www. or contact the Bulletin editor for a hardcopy.  Illustrations and tables should be in high-resolution digital format or as clear black and white photographs or high quality graphics (please contact the editor or assistant editor if you have questions – draft copies can be submitted with the initial manuscript submission).

3. Submission deadlines:

            The Bulletin comes out in mid-April and mid-October.  Manuscripts can be submitted at any time but at least 2 months before the expected publication date (for the spring issue, manuscripts should be submitted by February 15 and for the fall issue by August 15).  Please note that if a Bulletin issue is full, submissions will have to be scheduled for a subsequent issue.

        Please send manuscripts (digitally or by mail) with all illustrations and tables (at least in draft form) to either of the MAS editors:

Stuart Eldridge, Editor                                       Arthur Spiess, Assistant Editor
POWER Engineers                                             Maine Historic Preservation Commission
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Freeport, ME 04032                                           Augusta, ME  04333
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