Membership Benefits

The Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin

Membership includes a subscription to the bi-annual Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin. Featuring articles on Maine and regional archaeology, excavation reports, and book reviews. Submissions in the bulletins are written by both professionals and avocationals.

Educational Opportunities

Members are invited to the bi-annual meetings of the Maine Archaeological Society feature lectures, collections, and discussions centered on Maine and regional archaeology. Members are given advanced notice of all MAS meetings and other conferences, events, and meetings pertaining to local archaeology. 


Members are offered discounts on many of the Maine Archaeological Society publications, as well as discounted admission to some local archaeological conferences. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Ready to get your hands dirty? Get the inside scoop on excavations taking place around New England!  Volunteers are often encouraged work alongside professional archaeologists doing site surveys, field work, lab work, artifact analysis, and research!

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